Reach A Wider Audience

There are many retailers that rely solely on local store sales which only target a local area. Converting physical products to an online store is easier than beginners realise and in doing so allows your local shop to reach customers all over the world. Adding and maintaining products is a simple procedure you or your staff can complete once your online store is set up. Many shop owners and rental businesses are still avoiding taking their business online without realising the huge benefits it can easily bring.

Mastering WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an easily maintained solution for your online ecommerce platform. If prefered we can use alternatives such as shopify, wp ecommerce, shopp and jigoshop just to name a few, but we find woocommerce to be the most flexible and easiest to maintain solution. WooCommerce has many plugins available to integrate stock, custom orders, downloadable products, member only, wholesale pricing, email enquiry, point of sale payments and much, much more. The list of options for woocommerce is endless with the correct know-how, we can customise a website to fit your businesses needs perfectly.

Get Your Products Online

Even for the beginner, adding products to your new site is a simple procedure. We can help turn your local shop or small online business into an international or regional powerhouse dominating your market sector.

Automated Marketing

We can automate product marketing to put your website to work for you, avoiding premium services cost and still reach thousands of new people. We can configure regular automatic posting to various websites, subscriber integrated rss driven email campaign, follow up emails triggered by sales and loyalty points for return business.

Custom & Complex Products

Some companies with bespoke or complicated products avoid taking their shop online, and maybe choose to have just a contact page as a website. We can accommodate any complex, custom or hugely variant product so the website fits your needs. Setting this up correctly can automate your sales and take payments immediately, reaching customers you thought not possible before.

Let’s Put Your Site To Work

Below is a list of just some of the complex functionality we can offer

Mass Product Import/ Export

csv-import-and-export-woocommerceFor people who have an online store already, but old graphics and no responsive code make their website outdated, they may want a complete re-design and set-up. For this we usually have to export products, shop and customer data and then import into your new platform. We can use services to import all of this data instantly to save you days, weeks or sometimes months of manual work. Configuring CSV files correctly for importing and preparing products effectively will save you time and stress in the long run.

Enquiry Only Products

enquiry-quote-only-products-woocommerceSome online stores out there need to know a lot more information than product variables can handle. For these products, payment and variable data can be adapted to co-inside with enquiry forms. Not only can you set a global form for all products, we can set a completely custom form for every product you have if you so wish. A good example of our work with woocommerce survey enquiry products is found here – qwdirect.com.au

Custom Fields and Uploads

custom-fieldsSome products you have may require extra fields before ordering. Allow your customer to upload files, answer specific questions to their product needs or even have required check boxes for things like terms and conditions. Wee can also adjust the price of your product depending on which choices your customer makes.


subscriptions-woocommerceWeb Design Bird can help you link your ecommerce platform to a mailling list to keep your customers informed on the latest sales and news. We integrate a fully legal mail shot which can be triggered with new items in your rss feed. Our mailing list is guaranteed not to ever go to spam, provide all the legal double opt-in and unsubscribe links and integrate into woocommerce so new customers get added to your email campaign.

Customisable Products

customisable-products-woocommerceCustomisable products can range from offering the customer whatever colour they want to having a 3d designer built into your site so customers can design there own products like t-shirts and mugs. For these products customers can see there design before ordering and when you receive a new sale, all the information you need and the customers design are emailed to you so you can create there work of art.

CRM Integration

Customer-relationship-woocommerceCRM integration (Customer Relationship Manager) is an important part of keeping in touch with your customer and tracking their needs. We can implement various popular CRM platforms into your sites products and forms. See a customers history with your business, all contact details, send money off coupons to the best customers and send updates and new news stories. Once your business grows its easy to lose that one-to-one experience with your customers that smaller shops have. A customer relationship manager can keep this personal services, even when your global clientele grows.

Product Variables

product-variables-woocommerceProduct variables can be as simple as choosing from a few colours, or as complex as having thousands of options for one product all with differing costs. Being able to offer your customers choices in material, size, colour, model, custom design uploads and all other options will always please a customer with specific needs. Product pictures are then dynamically changed so customers can see there chosen colour, size, etc.

Downloadable Products

downloadable-products-woocommerceWeb Design Bird can not only help list your physical products, we can also implement downloadable products such as ebooks, video tutorial classes and images under copyright. With many choices available, have your downloadable products trigger automatically after each sale, or choose to give paying customers access to certain parts of your site, or even sell credits to customers who have to top-up the more they download.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic-pricing-woocommerceDynamic pricing can be integrated to each product to ensure your online store offers the same deals and discounts that your local store premesis may offer. Buy one get on free, order 10 for a free gift, order one product and get 50% off another…. The choice is up to you.

Credit Card Payments

Tcredit-card-payments-woocommerceaking credtit card payments is an essential part of ecommerce. We can help set up your merchant account and payment gateway, choose which cards to accept and even hold payments and take paper and e cheques if you so wish. If you do not have a merchant account we can set up credit cards payments for free using paypal services (the customer will not need a paypal account to pay you by credit card).

Bookings and Schedule Services

booking-scheduling-woocommerceSometimes you may wish to schedule or book customers in after a sale on your websites. Hairdressing/beauty appointments, trade services like gas fitting or roofing, one to one services like home delivery with installation of products all are examples of sites which will benefit from scheduling. integrate your calendar with your ecommerce platform so customers book themselves into your diary, freeing more of your time for the important bits.

Point Of Sale/ Sales Reps

point-of-sale-orders-sales-rep-woocommerceSometimes you may wish to take orders at your premesis or take orders while on the road using your ecommerce online solution. Give sales reps the flexibility to log into to their account on your website, take orders, and you can then track sales records and rep progress. Take payments within your physical shop premises, including credit cards, via your till, tablet or phone and have each order maintain stock levels if you so wish.

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