Don’t Get Stuck In The Past

If you do not regularly update your website, you can soon be so behind that your site no longer works and customers are turned away by outdated looks. Upgrading wordpress, themes and plugins yourself can potentially cause issues not easily fixed and end up costing you hundreds. Many sites that have been around a while are not suited to mobile phones and tablets, and customers are easily convinced to shop at a more attractive competitor. Your site is the face of your company and it should look modern and be easy to use for the visitor.


Functions like taking orders, social elements and contact forms can all get broken whilst trying to update a wordpress website yourself. Ensuring you take a full site backup and test all functionality within your site is crucial to ensure that a plugin or theme update hasn’t broke an important part of your site. not being able to take orders, having bugs on certain devices and browsers, contact forms not sending and sudden missing SEO data are all common when upgrading a website and this can be catastrophic to progress your site and business.


£ 90
  • Update Plugins
  • Apply Basic Bug Fixes
  • Improve SEO
  • Update Styling
  • Add Mobile Responsiveness


  • Update Plugins and Content
  • Apply Bug Fixes
  • Improve SEO
  • Update Styling
  • Add Mobile Responsiveness


  • Update Plugins, Content and Theme
  • Apply All Bug Fixes
  • Improve SEO and SMO
  • Update Custom Styling
  • Add Mobile Responsiveness

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