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Social Profile But No Friends?

There are many common mistakes people can make when approaching social media, and some of these techniques can actually harm SEO (slow loading facebook like boxes for example). When approaching social media posts people often go for the hard sell and mainly just feature there products. This is not how you engage your audience. Many people find that they seem to have hit a ceiling with the amount of likes or followers they can achieve but using some powerful tools and connecting your site correctly can make all the difference to your social profiles growth.

Don’t Try And Do It All Yourself

Many people log in and out of there social media profiles one-by-one re-posting articles on each not realising there is software out there that does this for you. It’s easy to overlook the benefits of sharing other peoples work and articles on your pages, engaging your chosen market, and achieving those higher numbers of followers. We can configure your website to trigger any new posts published to be automatically shared across every social media site you can think of. not only engaging people, but also increasing backlinks and SEO in the process.

Watch Your Followers Grow

When starting out in social media the road seems to grind, seeing many competitors achieving better results. The time and effort you put in may not seem to bring the results you expected. Web Design Bird can show you not only how to blog effectively, but how to use various tools to take the time and stress away from social media accounts. There are so many social and discussion based sites nowadays and maintaining a profile on them all is very advantageous. This doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process.

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