Search Engine Optimisation

Common SEO Mistakes

Various factors can effect your websites search engine rankings. Many people are receiving search engine penalties and are not even aware. Duplicate content, using unpopular keywords, keyword stuffing, incorrect server set up, slow loading times, bad code, no sitemap, no use of webmaster tools. Web Design Bird Use many premium tools and diagnostics to determine errors in your SEO, along with improving many areas. Google’s algorithm changes regularly and having a web administrator that keeps up to date may be crucial for online success.

Improvements In SEO

After examining your website we can ascertain where the flaws are and what can be improved. Generally we can offer many improvements, we work this around your budget and prioritise what needs optimising first. SEO factors often optimised include content improvements, keyword research, backlink possibilities, social media improvements, successful blogging, server configuration, external tools integration, and much more. Good SEO will ensure you are reaching more people and converting more traffic. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo all have there own rules and subtle nuances and optimising your site for all these can be a delicate balance.

  • Mobile Sales 80%
  • Website Traffic 50%
  • Conversion Rate 75%
  • Email Subscribers 60%

The Results Can Be Amazing

New websites may take a while to get ranked by search engines and indexed properly. Having good SEO ensures you get ranked much faster and start seeing new traffic quickly. For established, long-running sites having an SEO overhaul may produce results you did not think were possible. Researching your industry will provide the keywords and content for optimum online traffic to your website. Ensuring your site is fully compatible with tablets and mobile phones is essential and not just for aesthetic reasons, you will see search engine result improvements also. Faster loading times is also a huge factor, with research proving time and time again to increase revenue for any ecommerce site.

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