Brand Design

Consistency & CLean Design Is Crucial

Having a brand isn’t just about finding a nice picture to go with your business. Your logo should not only be scaleable to any size without loss in quality, it should be clean, crisp and look just as good on a postage stamp than it would on a billboard. Your brand colours, styles and feel should all be uniformed with a clear, recognisable visual form. if you are keeping customers happy, your brand may just catch there eye in amongst the thousands of other distractions. A weak or dated brand can easily turn your customers to shiney-er looking competitors.

Be Professional, Look Professional

An outdated brand, with no clear style from one piece of marketing to the next, will only confuse people when visiting your store or website. If logos, fonts and colours change often people can wonder if they have even found the company they were after. Keeping and maintaining a brand and visual recognition will help maintain return business and help customers find your business quickly. The colours you choose, font selections and styles you apply have a psychological effect on visitors that can be seen below.

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