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Custom product design, Website Design, SEO and Speed Improvements

Vjuice Eliquid Features

Custom Logo and Brand Design

We have completed all artwork and web design at Vjuice Eliquid. Some of our work with this company included graffiti style characters, eliquid flavour illustrations, web design, web development, complex product variations, automated marketing, paper marketing, branding and logo design, SEO, Website Speed Improvements and much much more. We have detailed some of our work below.

Custom Built Theme

We started with a customisable theme and a skin, then we made changes to the layouts, sections and edited the major page templates in order to achieve the look and functionality needed. The goal was to be minimal and clean, yet adopt a graffiti styling overtone. The website was built with the major focus on the products and the shop. Currently generating huge profits thanks to wholesale keyword targetting within the industry and concentrating heavily on speed, SEO and structured data schema.

Speed Improvements

After installing numerous software to the website for complex woocommerce functionality, scripts were slowing the site speed. After the final designs were completed and all forms were configured we began to speed up the site. We now score in the green in both gt metrix and google speed analysis. Once the speed of the site was at a reasonable level we then worked to pass all google mobile data testing and google markup checker pass for structured schema data. All of these improvements will go towards the sites SEO, achieve more traffic and rank highly on search engines.

Automated Marketing Stack

This site boasts many automatic marketing strategys all managed from inside the website dashboard. All marketing is done in a non-spammy way and only target customers with genuine interest. We have

Loyalty Points = earned by making purchases which can be swapped for cash. Maximising customer return.

Coupons and Sales = offers created automatically and customers qulifying will get the coupon specific to them. Increasing return business.

Follow Up Emails = Emails get sent to customers if they havent bought for 3 weeks asking if they need more, email after 2 months with discount stating “we havent seen you for a while”, and add-on items they may want, and many more self-triggering emails.

Wholesale = Wholesale customers are sent specific deals and catolog when new items are released.

Newsletter = If people buy, comment, review, chat to us they are promted to join our newsletter. This also triggers a discount for the custmer to use. The mailletter mail list is now full of people who double opted in by law, and wish to read more about the company and products instead of just email address filler for higher numbers.


Product Designs

We have designed all 132 current product images and characters for Vjuice, along with many other raster and vector images used for marketing over the last 3 years we have been working with them. These images are used on the product packaging, bottles and wholesale boxes. Spanning 4 main product range styles and all inkeeping with a graffiti theme, these designs have passed stringent ecigarette law and TPD European legislation, and edited frequently, when the business demands it. We have designed and passed over thousands of packaging designs over the years.

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