QW Direct:

Customised Branded Products For Wholesale.

Tasks We Completed:

Custom WordPress build using our own bespoke theme and woocommerce.
We improved logo/branding and developed the website UX/UI.
Using conditional logic forms with images and products as fields we created a huge quote survey form along with individual forms for each product.
Woocommerce was altered for email only products along with a mix of variable products and external products and these linked to custom forms.
Woocommerce integrated with a payment gateway which allowed for payment holding.
Manually traced and improved 100s of product images most of which previously were blurry and had no white background.
Produced some great splash and promotion artwork mockups.
Images were then compressed and optimised along with many other speed improvements bringing a great gt metrix score.
Set up professional SEO tools.
Optimised mobile responsiveness and ensured we passed structured data markup tests.
Integrated Google analytics.
Backup software installed and external backups were then configured.

Tailor Made WordPress Skin

To suit our clients design brief a custom skin was required instead of using a pre-made theme or skin for wordpress. This allowed us to have full control over layouts, custom page templates and individual form styling. The skin was designed fully around the client’s business, instead of trying to their a business around a website theme. We then ensured our newly designed skin conformed to structured data tests and was compatible with all popular wordpress plugins.

Complex Form Surveys

We started with the original forms that had re-directs to other pages, no images and lots of mentions to “look on other pages”. To make the forms less convoluted we combined every product, every image, every woocommeerce product card and customisable option into one form. This includes fully customiseable keyrings, wristbands, lanyards, id holders, bags and more. Each field is dynamically populated depending on the previous answer. To see this large form in action try choosing different options on this form here.

Speed Improvements

After installing numerous software to the website for complex woocommerce functionality, scripts were slowing the site speed. After the final designs were completed and all forms were configured we began to speed up the site. We now score in the green in both gt metrix and google speed analysis. Once the speed of the site was at a reasonable level we then worked to pass all google mobile data testing and google markup checker pass for structured schema data. All of these improvements will go towards the sites SEO, achieve more traffic and rank highly on search engines.

Various Woocommerce Options

We modified the WooCommerce eCommerce WordPress plugin to have extra options in the product editor dashboard. The site now has a mix of affiliate products, simple products, variation products with dynamic pictures, enquiry only products with a custom form for every individual product, payment holding and integration plus some more woocommerce magic. Product card buttons can be easily changed to see read more buttons or buy now buttons, very simply hide prices on products you wish and track analytics and form data across all products making for a better marketing strategy.

Improved All Product Images

On the old website most images were different sizes, none were compressed fully for web speed, many had differing formats (jpeg, png, gif, tiff) and they all had random backgrounds showing they were taken unprofessionally. We compiled all images, which were a few hundred in total, and manually traced every image from the background. We then sharpened every image and gave them all a clean, white background. Now the pictures all look uniformed and appear to belong to the website. Images are now fully compressed to achieve the smallest size with the highest quality possible.

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