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Out With The Old, In With The New

This was an already existing website that had gone stale. Every plugin, theme and wordpress itself was over a year out of date. The site wasn’t completely responsive and failed data markup. The homepage widgets were buggy and lacked any real SEO or engaging content. After a year with no sales we cleaned up the site, fixed bugs and errors, added opacity effects and transitions, added a footer to the site and updated everything. After this we installed backups softwares that keep backup data on a remote location. They had  sale almost immediately after the preliminary work was completed.


Added Blog Section

The site originally was designed with products only. No footer, no articles, nothing to drive the customer to read more and engage. To solve this a blog section was created and placed on the sites menu. A few blogs were written to very high SEO standards and we talked through with the client the perfect way to write articles with great SEO to gain new traffic.

Google Improvements

The site was lacking google servcies in many areas. After google analytics was set up and configured we gave it enough time to gather usable data. Then we used keyword research to assertane rose gold specific traffic rich words. Then after connecting up google my business and google search console we saw a sitemap needed to be implented. Improvements were made with which items should be indexed and linked profession SEO tools to everything to drive more traffic.

Improving Customer Journey

With new traffic already coming in with the first improvements we looked at teh customers journey throughout the site and came to the conclusion people would buy but struggled to find what they were after. Maybe some wanted something very affordable, or maybe wanted more options to sort search results to find what they wanted more easily. Now customers can filter results and look at things like “All necklaces + under £50 + sort by the customer reviews” with a simple interface.

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