Our Most Recommended Hosting

If you are just starting a new wordpress website you may be flooded with hosting options. Many go with Godaddy where they buy their domain, but we highly recommend you DO NOT do this. There are plenty of cheaper, faster and more reliable options out there tailor made so beginners can easily navigate their server.

Our Top Choice

Bluehost Hosting

    This has made our number one spot quite easily. For these reasons:-

  • Reliability with bluehost is great. We have used them for many websites over the years with very little downtime.
  • Customer Service. All enquiries are dealt with within 24 hours which can be crucial if you rely on your website for income.
  • Cost. The cost to start hosting is very little with bluehost. Not only this, your account can hold many add on domains if you wish, practically allowing you to host 30 different websites all within one account with no extra costs. Great for upcoming developers.
  • A multitude of upgrades and options available for a basic account if required. These can include a fixed IP with SSL certificate if required at a very low cost. Not only is it the price that appeals to us, having an ssl is beneficial to SEO whilst protecting your visitors form entries. This is just one of the extras that can be added to your basic account.
  • Very nice updated cpanel. For beginners the cpanel is a control panel to access settings within your domain (access web accounts, ftp, phpmyadmin, etc). On bluehost server software is all updated frequently and the cpanel is full of options and styled very nice with clear, bold flat icons.

To find out more, and a great tutorial about setting up bluehost for the first time, we recommend you give this article a read = Setup WordPress On Bluehost