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Jewellery Site – Fanaskii

Fanaskii High End Rose Gold Jewellery Woocommerce Site Fanaskii Features Out With The Old, In With The New This was an already existing website that had gone stale. Every plugin, theme and wordpress itself was over a year out of date. The site wasn't completely...

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How Do I Vectorise My Logo, Design or Picture

Raster To Vector Tutorial Before we start vectorising your logo or design you will need Adobe Illustrator cs6 or above. If you do not have Illustrator CS6 install it as a free trial from Adobe's site to complete this task. Step 1. Open and Select Your Jpeg/ Png image...

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Tips For Designing Your Own Logo

Firstly, choose the style of your logo Logo's come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some you like, some you don't. Identifying what type of logo you find appealing, and what style works for your business is a great place to start. Below you will see examples of...

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